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Cutter's Best Cutting Fluid

Cutter's Best Cutting Fluid

Our premium line of engineered cutting fluids were designed for any application. Cutter’s Best was specifically formulated for hard and soft metals. Cutter’s Best provides sufficient lubricity to do down-the-hole operations in aluminum, cast iron, and most steels, including many stainlesssteels. Cutter’s Best is compatible with a very wide range of materials including cast iron, copper, and aluminum alloys, plastics, composites and ceramics.



  • Greatly extends cutting tool life and decreases the number of tool repairs
  • Will improve surface finish and reduce heat build-up when drilling
  • Excellent performance for cutting, tapping and drilling and Reaming steels and aluminum
  • Product flows easily to where it is needed instead of all over
  • Yields a beautiful micro-fine finish
  • Ozone-friendly and completely free of 1,1,1 trichloroethane
  • Dissipates heat rapidly and provides closer tolerances
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