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At Wolf Premium Oils, we have searched the world over to find the absolute best Microfiber Suede. The millions of fibers that comprise one of our Microfiber Suede Towels enable it to more easily pick up much more of the dirt, dust, and grime which can damage your valued possessions. Cleaning a gun or knife with a simple paper towel or a plain cloth instead of our Microfiber Suede Towel is just asking for trouble you don’t need or want.


*Super soft microfiber material that will not harm your Gun or knifes or any delicate surfaces


*Lint-free and tag free to prevent scratching 


*Low absorbency designed to optimize Gun and Knife Cleaning Wolf Premium Cleaning Towels "Keeps the Oil on the product and dust and dirt off" 


*Versatile towel  is excellent for cleaning, coating, or polishing your valuable Guns and Knives 


*Towel Can be washed 100's of times


*16'X16' Premium Microfiber Suede 


*Ideal for use on firearms, tools and knives as well as optics


Washing & Care Instructions

Machine Wash in warm or Hot Cycle. Air or Tumble dry on low. Do not uses bleach or Fabric softner.  Most softner will coat the threads of the towel preventing it from working the way it should and cause streaking.



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